In the following we present software tools that were created as part of the project.

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BioSTORM System

BioSTORM system architecture
We have developed a JADE-based architecture for deploying a network of agents that focus on collaboratively analyzing one or more streams of data. We used this architecture to build a multi-agent system called BioSTORM, as an environment for exploring how different types of aberrancy detection algorithms perform when applied to different types of surveillance data sources and signals. BioSTORM allows users to rapidly configure, reconfigure and deploy surveillance algorithms and to collect data on their performance.

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Below is a screenshot of a running BioSTORM system:

Screenshot of running BioSTORM

Protege Plug-ins

To facilitate configuration and deployment of BioSTORM system, we have developed and adapted several Protege plug-ins as part of our tool set. Following are the screenshots of these software components.

  1. ModelValidator

  2. OntologyBeanGenerator

  3. DataMaster

  4. SWRLTab

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